Bushnell Avenue is widely boasted as ‘the most beautiful street in South Pasadena’ for its arching canopy of century-old camphor trees and delightful mix of historic architecture.


Made famous by movies ‘Back To The Future,’ 'Teen Wolf,’ and the television series ‘Thirtysomething,’ Bushnell Avenue has been home to generations of families who have seen their children and grandchildren raised there.


The name Bushnell was chosen by the developer,  Samuel Wuest,  after his wife Miss Berthena Bushnell Wuest.  1616 Bushnell Avenue was commissioned in 1916 by Donald H. Lingle, a real estate agent, as his personal residence.


The stately neoclassical was built by W.D. Keck construction and was occupied by the Lingle family for the better part of 35 years.  It was purchased in 1952 by the Pulskamp family, and after their four children graduated from South Pasadena schools, the parents sold the home in 1963.  Just 11 years later, their youngest son, Nicholas, returned to Bushnell Avenue and purchased the home to raise his own growing family.


Bushnell Avenue epitomizes the charm and enduring reputation of South Pasadena as a city families return to, generation after generation.